Prayer for the sick at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital

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On February 11, in memory of Our Lady of Lourdes and international day for the sick, the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital was visited by Fr. Giuseppe Trentadue, secretary to the Papal Nuncio. Father Rick Frechette, Father Enzo del Brocco, and Father Giuseppe celebrated mass together with staff members of St. Damien’s, patients, and the families of the infirm all in attendance.

Fr. Giuseppe gave an inspiring homily based on the gospel passage of the wedding in Cana. He encouraged us to be people of joy and to recognize, as Mary did, where and when joy is missing in the lives of those around us. Specifically referring to our little brothers and sisters. By following Mary’s example we notice how it is not sufficient just to recognize and denounce the needs, but that it is our job to give an answer to seek the solution and act accordingly. No matter the size or difficulty of the problem this is our duty. In front of any obstacle or crisis we are always called to listen to God and renew our hope and trust in Him. As Christians we are not allowed to give up and we must keep on going with all our efforts, knowing that only when we “fill our jars with water till the brim” Jesus will make the miraculous happen and turn the water into wine. In other words we are all called to do our best, to give all of ourselves in order to allow the opportunity for a miracle to happen.

After mass the patients received a special blessing and we visited and blessed the children in the hospital who were unable to come to the chapel.

Contributed by Fr. Enzo Del Brocco
Passionist Community

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