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  1. Peter Schmitt says:

    Peter Schmitt

    Puricellistrasse 5
    D-93049 Regensburg
    Tel.: 0049-9412980131


    Regensburg, 29.07.2010

    Chères Mesdames,
    chers Messieurs,

    mon non est Peter Schmitt. Je suis le directeur de l’école Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Zentrum à Regensburg, Allemagne. Le Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Zentrum est une école pour les enfants handicapés avec un centre pour les handicapés.

    Notre école aide l’école St. Emmaus aux Gonaives depuis presque trente ans. Comme le Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Zentrum l’école St. Emmaus entreprend un centre pour les enfants handicapés ou pauvres.

    Moi je viens de retourner des Gonaives à Regensburg. J’y ai travaillé honorifiquement pendant le mois de mai avec les handicapés. Pendant ce temps j’ai trouvé un jeune homme de Gonaives qui m’a aidé. Son non est M. Emmanuel Delavarre. Je lui ai montré des poignées simples pour qu’il puisse continuer à travailler avec les handicapés après mon départ pour l’Allemagne.

    Pour que M. Emmanuel Delavarre puisse encore travailler plus effectivement avec les enfants handicapés, je cherche un endroit pour sa formation pratique. Est-ce que votre hôptal offre la possibilité pour une formation pratique?

    Je m’adresse à vous au nom de M. Delavarre parce qu’il n’a pas encore d’accès à l’internet.

    Je serrais très heureux de recevoir une réponse positive de vous.

    Peter Schmitt
    Bereichsleitung Therapie am Pater-Rupert-Mayer-Zentrum

    • Michelle Castor-Burns says:

      My son currently attends Park School in Evanston. He is currently on the ventilator, has a trach and a g-tube. We would like to donate school supplies or items. Is there a contact person that I could speak with?

      thank you


  2. Sally Todd says:

    Please forward my request to Sr. Judy Dohner to visit St Damiens and talk with her on my next trip there March 19-27. I’m a PNP, able to volunteer for short term but frequent visits ( 7-10 days monthly except in July and August) . Could we meet some time during that week and consider any way I could be of help?



  3. Jeffrey LaMorte says:

    Dear Father Rick,
    I just returned from Haiti with John Shattuck, I want to thank you for allowing me to stay at the hospital for 2 nights, I appreciate it and are humbled by the amazing work being done there. I hope the wharehouse is more organized for your needs now. I will continue to help John buy, fill and ship containers as often as possible.

    Jeffrey LaMorte

  4. vimax says:

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  5. girlsex says:

    It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Annie says:

    My Name is Annie Augustine. I would like to work at the hospital in haiti i am a haitian please contact me as soon as possble I am in the medical field. Please contact me thru my email saintanniea@yahoo.com…thankyou for your time

    • Robin Forestal says:

      Thank you Annie for your interest! Your information has been forwarded onto the volunteer coordinators and we will contact you if we have a current need.
      Thanks again and God Bless,
      Robin Forestal

  7. Dr Tom Grabenstein says:

    My name is Dr Tom Grabenstein. I am a Family Physician who has worked at the St Jules Clinic in very rural Petit Bourg du Borgne for the past 18 years. We recently have evaluated a 15 year old boy with biopsy suggestive of non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I would like to talk with you further about possible treatment for this nice patient. I am grateful you do have a pediatric oncology program. It is a blessing. Please contact me soon.

    • Robin Forestal says:

      HI Dr. Grabenstein
      I just wanted to let you know that I forwarded your information on to the appropriate people. Sorry it took a week for a reply for me. Please let me know if you more help following up.
      Robin Forestal

  8. Rose says:

    Good Day Farther Rick

    I received a job proposition from Chile at Chile Health Care Providers .
    I’m from South Africa – applied on an ad – and attached my CV.
    When I did a little research on the internet I found the same words and pictures were used
    As on your web side.


    Please could you confirm with me if this place is a scam.
    To make money or trying to get girls into Chile.

    Would be much appreciated

  9. Vangile Moretsele says:

    I am writing from South Africa and would like to know more about Chile Health Care Providers Hospital. Could you please forward me the contact details of a contact person, especially from the Human Resource Department.

    • Robin Forestal says:

      Hi Vangile, Please do not contact Chile Health Care Partners. They are not affiliated with St. Damien Hospital and we are working to have them remove the content of their website. Thank you for letting me know you have been contacted by them. Sincerely,
      Robin Forestal

      • Judi Smit says:

        Through posting my CV on a jobhunting website, I have been contacted by Chile Health Care Providers. I am a little worried that this is a scam, since fees have to be paid before any confirmation of employment (although they say that employment is guaranteed. Should I give their “offer” any consideration?

  10. Vangile Moretsele says:

    Thanks for your prompt response Rob. The reason I wanted to know about them is that they have recruited me to work for them, according to them I should be relocating from South Africa on on 1 June 2012, in preparation for my commencement of my job on 07 June 2012 . Kindly advise if I should consider this offer or not as I am not farmiliar with the organizations at that end. Is it a legitimate organization or a fly by night organization? If it’s a legitimate organization do you have an idea why does it sound as if the whole organization is run by one person? Please advise.

  11. Sissel Dargis says:

    To whom this may concern

    I’m writing to you, representing our client, Love for Children, which is a children´s cancer charity that raises its funds in the UK, Italy and Brazil with activities soon starting in Germany.

    Reading the blog here made me very interested in the work that is beeing done at Saint Damien with support from NPH and I would like to know, whom I should talk to regarding how to support Saint Damien, perhaps with a parnership? What are the current facilities in the oncology department and what is needed? How many kids etc are getting treated at the moment etc?

    Thank you for your help in Advance.

    Sissel Dargis

    • Robin Forestal says:

      Hi Sissel,
      Thank you for your contact and interest in helping to support St. Damien and our programs for children in Haiti. I visited the website of Love for Children and noticed you have an office in Italy. We have an affiliate fundraising office in Italy that I would like to connect you with. I will send you a private email and put you in contact with that office.
      Thanks again,
      Robin Forestal

    • Robin Forestal says:

      Hi Emily,
      I will forward your email and phone number onto Phadoul and copy you in contact to him.
      How great that you will be bringing a youth group to see the hospital!
      Best regards,
      Robin Forestal

  12. nkami Maswanganye says:

    Hi would please help me find DR Martin De castro cause he told me that I was grated a job with chile health care providers and all I have to do is paid for Grauduate Registration Examination (Gre) and I did that. and have written a test and also paid for travel insurance but not all the money cause he was gonna convience them that I’ll pay the rest when I start working and the mission was like 3 months training and after on January is gonna be working but there I was asking him why is he looking for money always and not sending the contract to sign so I refused and he said then I’ll forfeit my visa’s which I was supose to go and take them from general couselor at the south african embassy so the conversation ended like he must refund me the money I’ve paid. So please help me find him if his there he derseve to be fired only if it’s a scam cause in SA we are revolving around scams

    • Robin Forestal says:

      Hi Nkami,
      St. Damien is not affiliated with Dr. De Castro or with Chile Healthcare Providers. If you would send me your communication from him I will pass it along to our legal advisors.
      Thank you and God bless you,
      Robin Forestal

  13. neva says:

    Hi I’m a singlr mother of a 6 month baby boy he has two hernia one in his belly and one in his gentiles I wanted to know how much will the surgery cost me to have it done the gentile hernia is about the size of a golf ball please let me know how much will it be and how do I get to st damiens

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