Employee Profile – Phadoul

PhadoulPhadoul is a dedicated member of the NPH Haiti team and we feel honored to have him as a part of this ever-growing family. His journey with us began up in the mountains in Kenscoff and over the past decade he has been in various leadership roles to help us improve the organization and the lives of our children.

After graduation, Phadoul was offered the opportunity to visit a potential job site that was seeking a director for their Montessori program. Phadoul did not expect to find a job so quickly after graduation so he jumped at the chance and he quickly accepted the job offer after visiting. He was then a Montessori teacher at the on-site school of NPH Haiti St. Helene and then six months later he was promoted as the director.  He worked with NPH Haiti from 1994 until 2003 and he was an irreplaceable member of the staff. However, after working closely with Fr. Rick Frechette on a few projects, Fr. Rick asked him to transfer to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabbare to serve as the Human Resources Manager and Phadoul has been in the role ever since.

Phadoul comments that his favorite part about the job is being a part of the mission. He bares witness to the incredible work that NPH is doing daily, not just in the hospital, but the mission as a whole.

Phadoul said, “How many lives are being saved physically, emotionally, mentally and socially? NPH is doing that. We are contributing to the country’s development. Each time we get the chance to educate a child, that is helping shape the country. I’ve seen so many children who were raised at our NPH home who are now high school and university graduates. I even have children who I met as children at St. Helene who are now a part of our staff at St. Damien’s! NPH helps keep the gospel alive.”

We cannot thank Phadoul enough for his hard work and devotion to our NPH Family.


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