World Health Day – April 7th


St. Damien Pediatric Hospital strives to heal every child that arrives for care. In 2015, we provided over 13,000 consults and over 3,400 children were admitted. Every day is “health day” at St. Damien.

St. Damien is part of the NPH Family. At our NPH homes, over 600 children live with chronic health conditions. Whether it’s treatment for HIV or a life-saving surgery, our local and international medical services team of healthcare professionals provide our children with access to vital services. As part of this process, we support local healthcare staff and promote collaboration among our homes’ interdisciplinary teams to ensure each child receives the best physical and emotional care possible.

“NPH goes to enormous lengths for children who have special and serious medical conditions and disabilities -enormous lengths to take care of them, even life-long.”  Fr. Rick Frechette, CP, DO.

In honor or World Health Day, take 2 minutes to watch our updated Healthcare Video…


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