With Gratitude, What We Accomplished With Your Help!

Sixth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.

This Tuesday, January 12, marks the sixth anniversary of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated the nation of Haiti. Fr. Rick Frechette, National Director of NPH Haiti, reports that,  “even though the country is still bouncing back from the devastation, the team at St. Damien is tireless in its efforts to help the most vulnerable. Because of our successful and unique approach to healthcare, we are able to reach the children and families that need us most. Cholera is still present after six long years, and our pediatric beds are always full, especially when it rains.

Fr Rick reports that St. Damien Pediatric Hospital has:

  • Provided over 13,300 consults.
  • Delivered 2,000 babies and provided neonatology care for 480 babies.
  • 21 children received life-saving cardiac surgery – a new program at St. Damien this past year.
  • Treated over 3,000 children for dehydration with an average of 50 children diagnosed with cholera monthly.
  • Provided over 1,700 Tuberculosis consults and treated 267 new cases.
  • Over 800 Oncology consults with 67 new children receiving cancer treatment.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who supported St. Damien in 2015 by making donations, attending events, visiting, volunteering, and giving products and services. With your help we will continue to support thousands of children who need us.

Every donation that St. Damien receives helps to give life-saving medical care to those most in need. To help make a difference visit St. Damien Project

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