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Just over a year ago, St. Damien teamed up with the leaders at the University Notre Dame D’Haiti and Hospital Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare to launch a pediatric residency program. Currently, there are only 2.6 doctors/10,000 people in Haiti, and remarkably, there are only 139 residency training positions available annually across all disciplines. Pediatrics accounts for only 27 of those positions, and there are 4.8 million children across the country to care for. Clearly, the need is great.

By providing this opportunity for higher education, this program will educate and graduate the pediatric specialists necessary for the management of complicated illnesses in children throughout Haiti. The program is designed to train 6-8 residents over a three year period specialized curriculum that includes supervised evidence-based treatment and care of critically ill pediatric patients, as well as prevention strategies for pediatric health and safety according to ACGME-International guidelines.

Ultimately, this program will help save countless lives in a country where disease and poverty run rampant. Please consider making a gift to support essential programs and services like this that St. Damien provides. There are thousands of vulnerable children in Haiti that desperately need and deserve our help.

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