Honoring Our Nurses

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On this special day we celebrated our team of wonderful nurses at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital to thank them for their hard-work and dedication to our patients.

To celebrate International Nurses Day, St. Damien Pediatric Hospital had the pleasure of hosting a beautiful mass, ceremony and party to honor the nurses and midwives who give their whole heart to help save the lives of our patients everyday.  First, we had a mass in St. Philomena Chapel, located in front of St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, by Fr. Rick Frechette. Well over one hundred participants were there for the celebration of the Eucharist and also a special prayer for the nurses around the world. After the mass, everybody went to the conference room in the hospital where the festivities began.

Many leaders from the hospital delivered wise words of advice and gratitude to get the party started.  Dr. Genevieve Arty, Medical Director of St. Damien, presented the nurses as the motor of the hospital and that they are the one who watch the patients 24/7 and see the patients from start to finish with their treatment. She ended by saying, “your car cannot run without motor, and this hospital cannot run without nurses!”

Nurse Edna Benjamin, the Director of Nurses, then delivered a speech to each one of the nurses, that they continue providing the best care for the patients at St. Damien and that they carry the hospital further to keep it as the number one pediatric hospital in Haiti.

Some of the nurses and guests also took the opportunity to show their talents during the festivities. Many delivered beautiful poems and Dr. Marie Linda Excellent, Chief of HIV and Public Health, even performed a famous Haitian song to honor nurses at St. Damien, in Haiti and around the world.

To wrap up the program, Phadoul Amicial, Director of Human Resources, accompanied Nurse Edna Benjamin to deliver certificates to the nurses to commemorate their work by serving the children in the hospital with the best care possible.

The party was then full of delicious food, great music and without a doubt some dancing. Everyone was happy to spend the afternoon together and celebrate the nurses for their daily dedication to our patients.

On behalf of the entire St. Damien Pediatric Hospital administration and staff, we wish all the nurses all over the world a Happy Nurses Day and may God continue to give you the kindness and goodness to continue your work and keep saving lives.

Contributed by Denso Gay, Communication Officer NPH Haiti

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