Paul Finds Relief at St. Damien

Paul with his mother eating fortified peanut butter and receiving milk from an aide.

Paul with his mother and receiving milk from an aide.

Three-year-old, Paul, came to St. Damien Pediatric Hospital in September 2013.  He was brought by his mother from a town called Grantier, about four hours away, with symptoms of inflammation, diarrhea, vomiting and cough. After testing, it was determined that Paul was suffering from severe malnutrition. This young patient had intense swelling of the stomach, a sign of malnutrition, and it was difficult to live a normal life of a toddler.  Paul’s seven siblings were suffering the same illness, but were not as severe and able to be treated at another hospital near to where they live.

Compared to when he arrived to St. Damien’s, Paul has gotten much better.  A typical treatment regime for a malnourished child is a combination of IV fluids, medicines, vitamins, nutritious milk and medical peanut butter.

The nurses have commented how Paul is an absolute success!  His stomach inflammation is lessening, his color is returning and he is gaining more weight and energy everyday.  When Paul’s mother sees her little boy returning to his normal, playful and happy self, she says that she is overjoyed and thankful.  We are happy to be part of Paul’s recovery process and know he will be improving daily.

Contributed by Denso Gay, Communication Officer NPH Haiti

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