Three Month Update

Dr. Arty during rounds checking vital signs of a malnutrition patient.

Dr. Arty during rounds checking vital signs of a malnutrition patient.

  • Our Pediatric Residency Program official began on September 16th and after a month long orientation they began rounds on October 14th. Nine pediatric residents have recently joined the St. Damien team and we are very excited to expand their minds and offer experiences for them to become the best pediatric physicians possible!
  • After lay off’s earlier in the year we have been fortunate to let eight staff members return to work.
  • We had a group from Akron, Ohio come in September to do pediatric cardiac appointments and screenings.  They saw about 80 patients over the span of the week.
  • We also had another surgery team from Ohio visit and perform minor surgeries such as circumcisions and hernia repair.
  • APPA (Aid Progress Pharmacist Agreement), a group from Italy, visited in September to evaluate our pharmacy.  We hope to continue working with them in the future.
  • Micheal Koste, MD led a team from Brown University to evaluate the microbiology lab of the hospital.
  • Mr. Willio Francillon, Director of Social Services, organized a group of Brazilian clowns to visit the children in the hospital.
  • Mr. Dillion and Mr. Berlin, volunteers from Brazil, offered to help the NPFS staff by working on the agricultural program of St. Damien.  They trained our staff to better care for the gardens and cultivating the land surrounding our hospital.
  • We organized a three-day administrative retreat the last week of August.  We reviewed our mission, vision and points of our strategy plan for the next three months.  A guest speaker lectured about leadership and time management, which were two very useful sessions.

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