Haiti Needs Help After Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy leaves people of Haiti in further distress.

The death toll in Haiti reached 51 after three constant days of rain from Hurricane Sandy. Our NPH homes and children withstood the storm and are now trying to clean up and get back to a normal schedule and resume school. But others have not been so lucky. Many of our neighbors and staff have had their roofs blown off and houses flooded. Crops have been destroyed and farm animals washed away.

Bridges washed out from flooding

Fr. Rick Frechette, National Director of NPH Haiti explained, “We have a number of repairs to windows, waterlogged electrical systems, gravel to lay down and trees to replant.

Children Walking Through Flooding

Cholera has gone high from the rains and we need more cots and iv fluids. We need to replace lights and fans that blew up when the generator and electrical lines flooded and shorted. Also it would be nice to help the neighbors with food, roofing materials and clothes.”

River Flooding

Monica Gery

Information Officer

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