Thoughts on a Monday: Mid-Year Reflections from Kay Germaine

Times seems to go so fast here and i suppose it is the same everywhere! Things in haiti continue to challenge us to the core and as always i look to the kids and their mothers for the inspiration to keep going. Today we had a lot of mothers enrolling their kids for school. Oh these beautiful mothers – so strong and so loving and so desperate for a better life for their kids. So as you know I like to write from time to time and I share with you my thoughts on this Monday. I thank all of you for all the ways you support us in haiti and I assure you that we are working very hard to put your money to good use for the very poorest of the poor. Please pass this message to all those you know that are supporting is and more specifically supporting my own work. It is fantastic that so many people are helping us and we are most thankful. Best wishes to all of you and may the blessings of God always be upon you.


Thoughts on a Monday

The roads are long and dusty, they walk them every day

The sun is hot and burning, it accompanies them on their way.

See them in our centres, these mothers so brave and strong,

Bringing their special children, suffering for far too long!

Each one with a story, a struggle to live each day,

A life that that has known only misery, no hope for another way!

Bright children in twisted bodies, songs that very few will hear

Spirits that refuse to be broken, with love we conquer all fear.

Taiina in her coffin lies peaceful, her face so angelic and clear

The screams of her mother unending, she’s lost the one she holds dear.

As I look at the mothers there present, my heart it goes very tight,

Their children all so fragile, we could lose them any day or night.

And look at the state of this country, where people go hungry each day,

The squalor inflicted on people, what the hell can one say?

Big international organizations, dispute how many have died,

Why not come count those living in misery, see what’s going on outside.

See how people are living, see the hell and see the pain,

See the struggles they daily encounter, see those that have gone insane.

See all the hungry children; see the malnutrition all around,

See the crowded hospitals; see the reality here on the ground.

Go visit the tented cities, see the havoc each rain brings,

And ask yourself the question, where is the bird that sings.

I go back to the little children, those smiles that touch my heart,

I honour their wonderful mothers – their courage sets them apart.

Some fathers also come with their children- what a witness to love they do bear

See Papa Garvenson, how much he loves and does care.

When you see those loving parents, see all that they go through,

Your heart swells up with emotion, you wish there was more you could do.

For who would want their loved ones, living such a hell every day,

Who would want their loved ones, living in this way?

Who would want their loved ones, hungry and without hope,

Who would want their loved ones struggling each day to cope?

These families are our loved ones; we try to help them out,

We try to make a difference, try to turn things about.


My message it is very simple, we have to be people of light,

We have to find ways through the darkness – we must not be afraid of the night.

For the night will give way to the brightness, but we must accept it is there,

And we must never get tired of the darkness; we must never cease to care.

Our children’s lights are shining, shining for me and you,

They will light up our every darkness; their hearts are pure and true.

I pray to God in Heaven, for those families we see each day.

That someday their lives will be a little easier- somehow, someway!


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