ISOUG Inauguration

The course created to save many mothers and their babies in Haiti organized by
ISUOG and Fondazione Francesca Rava has been inaugurated at the N.P.H. Saint
Damien Hospital in the presence of authorities and numerous media.

The prestigious ISUOG (International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology) course
was inaugurated yesterday at the N.P.H. Saint Damien Hospital in Tabarre, in the presence of many
authorities amongst which the Director of the Haitian Health Ministry, Mr. Gabriel Timothée, Mr.
Jorge Velazquz Pardo responsible for the office of Health and Education at the U.S. Embassy,
many representatives of MINUSTAH (the permanent UN mission in Haiti) and U.S. Aid, Dr. Jean
Hugues Henrys Dean of Notre Dame University in Haiti, Mr. Johnny De Matteis the Italian Consul
in Port-au-Prince. Many of the journalists present, print, TV and radio flocked to witness the start of
this important scientific event.

The course is organized by the prestigious ISUOG and by Fondazione Francesca Rava N.P.H. Italia,
and will train doctors and midwives in the maternity ward of the Hospital Saint Damien and other
Haitian maternal clinics, introducing the modern echography technique that will allow to diagnose
diseases of the mother and fetus in advance and to assist deliveries with complications, saving many
women and their children.

A special thanks to Dr. Enrico Ferrazzi, chief of the pathology of pregnancy at Buzzi Hospital in
Milan, Fondazione Francesca Rava volunteer, coordinator of the maternity ward since its opening
in the emergency earthquake emergency. Today in the maternity ward at Saint Damien Hospital,
fully set up by Italy with 42 beds and 5 labor stations, equipped with ultrasound and intensive care,
every month, more than 400 children are born and the staff runs more than 600 visits; together with
the Department of Neonatology with 20 cots, has become a reference center for the pathology of
pregnancy throughout the country and it is taking a leading role for knowledge and training.

The event opened with a screening of the video showing all the work done by N.P.H. with the
support of Fondazione Francesca Rava in the 12 months after the earthquake, which was followed
by a speech by Father Rick, director of N.P.H. Haiti, Dr. Genevieve Arty director of the Hospital,
dr. Jean Edgar Aupont responsible for the maternity ward at Saint Damien, Alfred Adulhamal the
outreach programs manager and Dr. Lisbeth Hanson of ISUOG, and Dr. Ferrazzi.

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