Hollywood Stars Visit St. Damien

Olivia Wilde visits the Angels of Light Day Camp

by Andre Lucrat

In a collaboration with Artists for Peace and Justice (artistsforpeaceandjustice.com), the foundation founded by Academy Award director and screenwriter Paul Haggis, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, Ben Stiller, Olivia Wilde and Gerard Butler arrived from Hollywood April 11th to highlight the real heroes of the earthquake; the children, hospital and outreach staff, and Father Rick Frechette, National Director of NPH/NPFS Haiti.

Father Rick chats up Susan Sarandon on the roof at St. Damien Hospital

Paul Haggis became associated with Fr. Rick and his work, through the Fondazione Francesca Rava – NPH Italy, and has enlisted many Hollywood stars including Madeleine Stowe, Diane Lane, Jimmy Jean Louis and Sean Penn, to join in helping the children of Haiti.

This is the second time Paul Haggis visited Haiti after the earthquake. In January he came with Sean Penn and Maria Bello to assess the damage to the street schools that Artists for Peace and Justice support and to visit the Saint Damien Hospital. His team also brought hundreds of crutches for amputee children.

Hollywood celebrities had a meeting with Father Rick and are stayed at the St. Damien Hospital facilities for some days to witness the work and ongoing needs of Fr. Rick and his teams.

Demi Moore and Paul Haggis overlook the school work of some of the APJ supported street schools

Three months after the earthquake NPH/NPFS is still deeply committed in providing emergency relief and healthcare for adults and children. The St. Damien Pediatric Hospital served 10,000 people in the first three weeks of the earthquake. New programs have been developed to respond to the growing need of medical care such as the creation of a maternity ward and a neo-natal ward.

The NPH/NPFS Fr. Wasson Angels of Light program supports 1200 children daily from numerous tent cities by supplying water, two meals and a safe place to play and participate in activities.

Susan Sarandon visits the children of the Kay Germaine rehabilitation program with Norma Lopez.

A prosthetic lab has been opened at the St. Germaine Rehabilitation Center for disabled children, which is adjacent to the St. Damien Hospital. Already 70 prosthetics were fit to help children with amputations walk again. At St. Germaine they can also receive physical therapy to learn how to walk and use their new prosthetic.

The Francisville bakery, bakes 10,000 rolls daily for the hospital’s patients and the Angels of Light program that services the children in the tent cities. Other new projects include an adult hospital, a school for deaf and blind children and a high school with traditional and vocational training.

Paul Haggis visits a young patient at St. Damien Hospial

Father Rick gives mass to the guests in the partially reconstructed chapel at St. Damien Hospital

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Stars Visit St. Damien

  1. To Father Frechette and entire staff of St. Damien’s: Clearly, with the power of your faith and cooperation with Grace, you are turning a hellish wilderness into a garden for the children you serve. As those of us in the Southern California public health arena are building collaborations to coordinate pediatric healthcare in Haiti, be assured that St. Damien’s projects will be a focus of particular attention. Sincerely, Leslie Anne Rabbitt MPH.
    PS we will be contacting St. Damien’s directly as two of our public health pediatricians plan to be in Haiti for information gathering at the end of May.

  2. I was given the opportunity to provide anesthesia to a few patients at your hospital last February. I would like to send a monetary donation to St. Damiens directly, but I have not found an address specific to your hospital. Could you please forward an address, and information regarding sending checks from the United States to your facility. Thank you very much. Jeff

  3. Deadline Approaching — Haitians Nationals Need to File by July 20th to Gain Temporary Protection Status in the United States

    MEDIA ADVISORY, May 15 /Christian Newswire/ — The recent earthquake in Haiti devastated the country, resulting in an outpouring of support from many individuals and various agencies. In an effort to bring support to the earthquake victims, Jon Gary created a volunteer drive to support Haitians currently living in the United States gain Temporary Protection Status as United States citizens.

    In addition, there is a need for adequate Creole/French translators to help clients with online information using United States Community and Immigration Services (USCIS) computer kiosks as well as other areas of technology to meet the filing deadline of July 2010.

    The Executive Director of Teach All Technology Volunteer Initiative, Los Angeles school teacher, Dr. Jon Gary would like to joing forces with available artists to create a forum and community talk on Haitians as it pertain to emergency technology–literacy support. This media includes ways of how individuals can help and prepare families in need of immediate support to gain TPS status in the United States. Other discussions consist of developing a “Teach All Technology” National volunteer drive to motivate citizens to help those in need of immediate/emergency technology support.

    For all interested parties please contact Jon Gary at (310) 770-2109 or email at jongary@aol.com.

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