Update January 19, 2010

The remains of a neighborhood.

dictated over phone by Robin Schwartz and Dr. Peter Tinnemann

There are an estimated 260 admitted patients and more than 60 patients were seen in the outpatient clinic with 10 admissions. The surgeons are still very busy with amputations and three OR’s are now in operation. We have an enthusiastic team wanting to do casts all night so that people are taken care of as soon as possible. Most patients are now inside the hospital plus a few in tents set-up outside. The flow of work is much easier and daily operations are more in control. The second floor of the hospital is now occupied. We had more than 200 patients waiting for the results of x-rays which we were able to evaluate today with the arrival of more physicians.

A woman sells goods outside of a tent city.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), we are expecting to still see wound fractures for the next 10 days. We have heard that there is no access into the southern area of Jacmel (located on the southern peninsula) and therefore limited medical care. Also the Miragoane (north of Port-au-Prince) region has been destroyed.

In Port-au-Prince there are 18 hospitals functioning with assistance from international organizations and 16 additional hospitals set-up on top of 18 plus another 14 are in the process of being created.

There are reports of people clustering in different text cities in parks and on the streets in Port-au-Prince and there is a strong suggestion to support them in health clinics and do outreach in various places in town.

We are happy to have received two medical teams, US and Italy, which include surgeons and nurses. This will help us provide quicker response to our patients. Everyday we are receiving food (rice, beans and fruit) and water from the United Nations.

Visiting press included French TV channel 2, German newspaper and 2nd biggest channel in German which produced a TV gala show in Germany that raised over 17 million euros for Haiti relief efforts for numerous organizations.

Gena Heragty, Director of NPFS Special Needs Programs, and Norma Lopez, long-term physical therapist volunteer from Argentina, are caring for the 30 special needs children that were rescued from the General Public Hospital at the Kay Germaine rehabilitation center, adjacent to the St. Damien Hospital.

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