Update January 18, 2010

dictated over phone by Robin Schwartz and Dr. Peter Tinnemann

Currently we have 200-250 patients in the hospital. Today our doctors attended to 72 patients, mostly fractures and wounds. Patients are coming to us from as far as the other side of Port-au-Prince and they are desperate to find medical care. We are concerned because we are not seeing many malnourished children cases, which is typically the population of children that come to St Damien. We still have more doctors and surgeons offering to help. In particular we had 20 Haitian volunteers working today. Two truckloads from the Dominican Republic arrived today with bottled water and powdered milk.

A Swedish newspaper, German press DPA , German TV station and Associated Press visited the hospital today. We are investigating the possibilities of setting up clinics at other locations in and around the capital.

A child transferred to St. Germaine from the General Hospital

The St. John Bosco student houses (for orphanage children living outside the home) appear safe as there was no visible structural damage, but as a precaution, an Italian engineer is coming to evaluate them. They received a supply of food and water today. The children at St Helen are still sleeping outside on the basketball court. Hopefully with a visit from the Italian engineer, it will help reinforce psychologically that they are safe to enter. They received a supply of food, fuel and water today and a schedule has been designed to provide weekly deliveries from the Dominican Republic. Seventy-five children and youths in our St. John Bosco program who live with extended families will be relocated to St Helen because their homes were destroyed. We are working on an action plan to support other orphaned children.

The 30 special needs children that we rescued from the General Public Hospital have been moved over to the Kay Germaine rehabilitation center, adjacent to the St. Damien Hospital.

Maria Bello, a hollywood celebrity was on Larry King Live Sunday night where she spoke about her experience with NPFS Haiti and Fr. Rick Frechette. We were unsuccessful in finding the video but you can read the transcript at


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