International Day for Disabled Persons – Kay Germaine

December 3rd is internationally recognized as the Day for Disabled Persons and NPFS Haiti special needs programs, Kay Germaine and Kay Eliane celebrated in style!

Emanuel shows off his gift!

After weeks of preparation, all 65 children and their families were invited to a prayer service and talent show put on by some of the students. Dressed in their Sunday best, all in attendance filed into the Kay Germaine school which was festively decorated with crate paper, balloons, and flowers. After a lovely introduction by Gena Heraty, the director of the programs, and principle Yolene Etienne, Phadoul Amisial, St. Damien human resources representative lead the group in a prayer service honoring the children and all disabled people of Haiti. Then teacher by day, master of ceremony by night Marie Carmel Dezil, kept the crowd’s attention as she introduced the acts.

The children wowed the crowd with poetry, dancing, singing, and educational skits then all joined together for a dance party. Afterward, much to the children’s delight, the teaching staff handed out Christmas presents then everyone joined together for mid-day feast.

Cindy and Namie dancing for their fans

Many children in Haiti who are born with physical or mental disabilities are either abandoned or spend their days locked in a room because their families simply do not have the resources to care for them. Alternatively, some of the children are also subject to harmful physical “treatments” meant to cure them of their disorders. Kay Germaine and Kay Eliane offer the children and their families education, physical therapy, and a hot meal in addition to a sense of dignity. This pride was evident on every child’s and every parent’s face throughout the program on Thursday morning. We are so happy at NPFS Haiti that with the expansion of our programs in 2008, we have been able to reach so many more children in 2009 to help them find their place in a productive society!

The video above was lovingly compiled by Molly Hightower, a volunteer from Port Orchard Washington who works with the children in Kay Germaine and Kay Eliane and shows just a small piece of the joy felt by all children at the party.

A mother tends to her child

Yonel in his new Christmas shades

Atyel and Emanuel looking very GQ

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