Manise Update

Beautiful Girl!

Beautiful Girl!

With the physical therapy team

With the physical therapy team

Ronnie update 10/15/09:

Manise is out of intensive care, on the pediatric floor and is doing VERY well. The people who cared for her in the CICU and before continue to be amazed. So are we. We are developing a good rapport and affection for her. She is a charmer for sure.

We are discovering a few things. She threw a tantrum yesterday because she believes she can’t walk. She might have surprised herself because she cried and yelled and didn’t collapse or have a seizure. One of the doctors and I explained to her that there is nothing wrong with her legs, and that the doctor repaired her heart. She walks with Ron and me, but she’s not always happy about it. Some of it may be pain related, but she really has very little pain, and it is alleviated by Tylenol.

The cardiologists are saying she could be released by the end of the week.  We went to Longboat Key yesterday and checked out the condo. It’s a really nice place with lots of room.  The only thing between us and the Gulf of Mexico is the swimming pool.

An update from Ronni:

Today we had a consult with physical and occupational therapies.  Because Manise hasn’t been active for most of her life, we are helping her muscles to be worked and stretched.  The attatched picture is of the PT-OT “team”.  They gave us some hints about activities for her. The projection is for her to be in the hospital for another week, if all continues to go well.

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