Response From Father Rick

Hello Gena

The prophet Isaiah speaks of the Suffering Servant who is “accustomed to sorrow and aquainted with grief.”

This short phrase captures so much of what our experience is like in Haiti, side by side with people we care about deeply, many of whom suffer and die.

In Isaiah, the Suffering Servant is the prefigure of Christ, who doesn’t have to suffer at all, but freely chooses to enter into suffering  in order to help and redeem.

He does not choose to do so like someone who descends from on high in pity, to help an inferior, but as one who sees the incredible richness of the person whose misfortune is what makes us cross paths in the first place, so that, as equals, both lives are incredibly enriched. This kind of richness can only happen with solidarity that unites hearts and requires sacrifice.

In the end your sorrow and grief are the tangible witnesses to the fact that the union of hearts worked, and took root strong and fast

Your words about Audelina and the beautiful picture of her show us how real this all is.

From Italy, our touch of solidarity: we offered mass for Audelina the same day as her burial, in the beautiful cathedral of Milan, with the volunteers and workers of NPH Italy.

Again, I offer my sympathy and prayers and wish you all the Christine and Germaine families bon courage and much strength from God.

-Mon Pere

2 thoughts on “Response From Father Rick

  1. My prayers for everyone who has gone thru the recent tragedy! I am in Houston, Tx and was once a fellow medical school classmate of Father Rick at NYCOM and also travelled with him to his Orphanage.
    Please let me know if can help in anyway. I would like to sent donations to help the kids. How do I got about doing this?

    Nur Nurbhai, DO

  2. I am trying to obtain contact information for the orphanage at St. Damien. My husband and I recently returned from Haiti with the North Carolina Baptist Men’s organization and worked as a nurse practitioner and physician assistant at St. Damien and Community Hospital at Petionville. We have 2 daughters, ages 13 and 15 whom we have taken on international mission trips before, and they have a passion for orphans and children. I would like to know if there is anyway that we could return with our family to volunteer in the hospital/orphanage. Please forward me any contact information that you may have.


    Kathy Ballard

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