Kay Germaine Children travel to Miami for Special Olympics Equestrian Competition


Polento on his horse

Polento on his horse

Hello!  As most of you know by now, I was recently in Florida (Wellington area) with five of the kids for the Special Olympics Equestrian Event. Darlene, Xiomala, Polento were the three kids fromKenscoff and then we had Stephano and Marvens from Kay Eliane and Kay Germaine respectfully. Once again our kids did a super job. They were each in two competitions and in each competition there were usually five riders in total. Here is how they did


Darlene: Dressage : Second place; Poles: Third place – her bag leg came out of the stirrup and so she lost points – otherwise she was perfect                  

Xiomala: Dressage : Second place;  Poles : First place

Polento:   Dressage: Second place;  Poles : First place

Consider that the commands for the dressage were in English and you can see that the kids did very very well as this did confuse them a bit! The poles was easy for them because they have been practicing weekly for this.  Stephano and Marvens were in more simple competitions and they also did very well. Little Marvens was very excited as his horse was trotting along and he was happily bobbing along too. He got 2nd place in a little obstacle competion and a third place in the dressage. Stephano got a first inhis obstactle course and a second in the dressage.

The kids were fantastic ambassadors for Haiti and they won the hearts of everyone there. Polento was a little bit indisiplined compared to the others and we threatened to tell Caterina about him!! But really he was ok and he just needs a lot of structure so he can concentrate on what he is doing as his tendency is to get distracted easily.  I was very proud of our group – not because they did so well in the competition because that really did not matter to me. I was proud of them because they embraced this experience and everyone they met, with big smiles, big open hearts and a confidence that was inspiring to see.(Polento and Stephano said hello to EVERYONE that was n front of them -did not matter if we knew them or not!!) Nothing phased them.(on a trip to Lion Safari, Marvens commented that “the lions could jump on him and eat them if they got out!) They loved it all, they enjoyed it all and then when the time came to return home they were as happy as whenthey were leaving. I think these kids have the right attitude : live in the present tense, enjoy life and keep going forward.

I am very grateful to the trainers Ti Pap and Guerdes (they travelled with us), to Carmelle and Ollando who were also with us and who were fantastic witht he kids. To Madame Romy, the lady who makes it possible for us to travel to the US and who takes care of us while we are there and who tells the whole horse world about the special riders from Haiti. I am grateful to Mme. Durocher(and her staff at Chateaublond) who allows us to come to her stables each week and who is so good to us. To Ferel and Mme Cienne who always do their utmost to ensure we have transport for all the kids each week.To Sociale who helped us get all the paperwork together so we could travel. And last but by no means least, to all in NPH,and all NPFS Haiti that work very hard every day to ensure that we have this great organization called NPH to do wonderful things with such wonderful children.

Next on the agenda is a trip to Germany at the end of July for one week. There is a BIG event called German Friendship and kids will be there from all over the world.I will go with two kids from Haiti – most likely Darlene and Polento! More about this when I know more about it and it is happening thanks to Mme. Romy as she is the lady with the connections in the horse world!

Please click here to see our photos.

Love, Gena Heragty, Director Kay Germaine Programs

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