Mrs. Jeudy Marie Carmelle Judith has taken excellent care of the abandoned children in the NPFS hospital for 19 years.

Miss JouJou in the Tap-Tap Room

Miss JouJou in the Tap-Tap Room

Mrs. Jeudy Marie Carmelle, tenderly known as Miss Joujou is a wonderful nurse who is not only taking care of the children medically but also providing them with love and kindness.

When she was asked what kept her motivated during almost twenty years, she simply replied: “My love for the children.” she added “Some times, I used to be sick and stay home and couldn’t come, but I made sure to call someone who was working in the same section to make sure the children were fine and they are taking care of them.”

Her career with NPFS started in the old hospital in Pétion-ville before St. Damien opened the newer hospital in Tabarre. Miss JouJou used to take care of the children before they would move to Kenscoff to join our family in the Ste Helene orphanage. Most of them were abandoned children and she felt that they need a little more attention.

Sometimes she became so close to the children and when they left to go to Kenscoff or move to an other place she used to cry. “Now, I don’t cry anymore, but I feel the same pain in my heart… it is like crying inside of me” she said.

Her daily work, starts early. First, she takes the temperature of the abandoned children in the Tap-Tap room at the St. Damien Hospital, next she bathes the children and puts fresh, clean clothes on them, then she gives them food… and finally gets to play with them!  Click here to see Miss JouJou with her children in teh Tap-Tap room.

She explained to us: “Even if it is break time, I don’t really care… what is more important to me is to make sure that the children are well first.”

One thing that encourages Miss JouJou, is when the visitors come and see her children are doing fine, and are clean and congratulate her for that. We can say thanks to the Lord that we have a nurse like her and we are blessed that she will continue to provide good care to the children because her tenderness for the children is for ever!

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