Opening Day for the Kay Germaine Therapy Pool

She could not get enough splashing!

She could not get enough splashing!

Most children the world over get excited for any time they can spend in a swimming pool, a sprinkler, a fire hydrant showering water, a simple bucket of water, or basically anything that will allow them to play in water and cool off during the hot season.  The children who attend our Kay Germaine programs in Tabarre are no exception.  And the children had a special treat the day the Therapy Pool opened!

This boy could have stayed in the water all day!

This boy could have stayed in the water all day!

Gena Heragty, Director of Kay Germaine, several teachers, staff and volunteers had the pleasure of putting on swimsuits to take the children in the therapy pool for the first time.  We had several children who were more than happy to help put on their floaties and inner tubes and jump right in the water.  There were some children who had never been in a pool before and this was surely a joyous day for them.

Photos from our first day of swimming can be found here: Fun in the sun

At Kay Germaine we offer physical therapy programs and a day program for special needs children.  The younger children are able to go to school in a classroom setting and older children attend a program which offers workshops.  The children in the workshops are learning how to make paper flowers, peanut butter and jewelry.  We will soon be starting a feeding program that will encourage those children who are able to feed themselves.

I love the water!

I love the water!

Kay Germaine also offers a  micro credit program for the mothers of the special needs children.  This program provides the mothers a way to earn a living while their children attend physical therapy, school or the workshops.  This affords the mothers a positive sense of self because they are not only coming to Kay Germaine for their children but they are also helping to provide for their entire families while their children are well cared for.

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