A Big Welcome to our 1st Full Time Dentist – Dr. Solages!

We would like to extend a very big thank to you Ron and Ronnie Pruhs for all their hard work and dedication on the Dental Clinic at St. Damien.  Ron and Ronnie have been making volunteer trips to Haiti for many years and it is because of them that the Dental Clinic is up and running today.  Dr. Jackie Solages started this month as the first full-time dentist in our clinic.  In the past the clinic was only open when Ron and Ronnie made trips to Haiti.  Thanks to Dr. Solages, a graduate of the national dental school in Port Au Prince, we can now keep the clinic open full time.

 The Dental Clinic Team

Dr. Jackie Dominique Solages

Miss Desrosiers Josette Receptionist/Dental Assistant

Miss Cherisla Rose Dearly Nurse Manager/Dental Assistant


Ron explains, “The overall mission of the clinic is to treat the poor so in an effort to do that we are working with Fr. Rick, the St. Helene Orphanage, and the St. Luke outreach schools.  The first goal is to treat the children.  Dr. Solages will examine the children in the orphanage and the outreach schools and then we will arrange for those that need care to be transported to St. Damien for dental care.  Secondly, our intention is to reach out to those in need through the Dr. Gautier’s Public Health Program, Saint Community. And the third goal is to see patients from the surrounding community.”


The Dental Clinic is located on the first floor of the hospital and schedules patients by appointment and also on an emergency basis.  Dr. Solages and her team are equipped to do basic dental health care procedures including preventive care, restorations (fillings) and extractions.  Clinic does not provide replacement of teeth.  Ron and Ronnie estimate that Dr. Solages will see between 12-15 patients per day. 



Thank you again Ron and Ronnie and welcome Dr. Solages!


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