An ordinary day for Father Rick

Ever wondered what it’s like to live and work at the NPH Saint Damien Hospital in Haiti? Here is the timetable of an ordinary day for Father Rick.

Mass at the hospital chapel.

Prepare the bodies of the children that died the previous night in the hospital’s morgue.

Arrive at Kay Germaine for their opening prayer.

Answer emails and meet with St. Luke team. Gather medical supplies for the next relief trip.

Load extra coffins into truck for delivery.

No time for breakfast, so stop by supermarket to buy bread, peanut butter and jelly for himself and staff. Make sandwiches in the bed of the pick-up truck.

Arrive at Wharf Jeremy (1 of 16 street schools) to check for storm damage and meet with community leaders.

Drop off extra coffins at Brothers Medical Clinic. Attend to sick man in front of gate and take him to Sisters of Charity Medical Clinic.

Examine sick man at Sisters of Charity and prescribe treatment plan.

City morgue. Drop off coffins and enter refrigerated morgues to say a prayer for the dead.

Run errand to pick up supplies.

Return to hospital.

Emails and lunch.

Arrive at Petionville, (old hospital site) to check on status of renovation. Talk with administrative staff and accounting department.

Arrive at Kenscoff (NPFS orphanage). Check for storm damage from hurricane Hanna and Ike while walking the grounds with the children.

Check on chapel that no damage was done. Talk with Alfonso Leon and other staff/volunteers.

Head back down the mountain to the hospital at Tabarre.

Arrive a Tabarre and start email correspondence.

Return to room in hospital and read.

2 thoughts on “An ordinary day for Father Rick

  1. June Dumont says:

    Hi! Sorry to hear your mom is so sick, but it was nice that you could get to see her. My prayers will be for her.
    So glad you are able to be there and help. You are truly a wonderful person and God loves you – as did Gene.
    Stay well. Love and hope

  2. Rev. David Pressley says:

    Father Rick,
    I’m the pastor of LIFE center tabernacle, a church in Trenton NJ I would like to come to Haiti along with a doctor friend of mine. We have been on several mission trips and are ready to respond.

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