Interview with Fr. Rick

In December 2006, the state-of-the-art pediatric hospital in Tabarre, named St. Damien Chateaublond, was inaugurated. The hospital’s main focus is on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malnutrition and cancer. This facility provides in-patient care with 120 beds and out-patient care for up to 100 children daily. There is also a dental clinic, laboratory, and public health clinic on premises.

“We see a lot more malnourished children coming to the hospital, more desperate people coming to the gate, and the unrest and riots are putting us well beyond our budgets for the kids in our care,” said Fr. Rick, who was primarily responsible for the grand vision and reality of the hospital. “But we must never turn our backs to those most in need.”
And Fr. Rick explained that while the mission of NPH Haiti is to provide support and assistance specifically to the children in the home and support programs, and those who visit the hospital, the organization regularly reaches out to all residents.
“We’re trying to help neighbors in three ways,” he said. “We help the 400 people who work with us, 4,000 kids in the 16 street schools who need a meal a day and local kitchens that serve thousands of meals to senior citizens.”
“Investing in humanity is different than investing in a project, but obviously, you still have to invest with the intent to solve it,” Fr. Rick said. “There’s sometimes a lack of solidarity among people, but every little bit counts, and every ounce of support we receive gets us one step closer. The children deserve all that we can do.”
Jun 9, 2008
Charitable Donations to Private Organizations in Haiti Critical Component to Ongoing Food Crisis Relief Efforts

One thought on “Interview with Fr. Rick

  1. Gwendolyn T Dean MD says:

    Greetings Father Rick,

    I am a pediatrician who recently visited Port Au Prince January 31, 2010-February 3, 2010 on medical mission. I was only able to stay for five (5) days. I experienced everything you described above during that short visit. I am full time employed by eQHealth solutions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    I worked with ACTS, Dr Archer and Operation Hope with Eddy Delaleu, DD. Locally in New Orleans I am working with Fennelle Guiliaume who has spent several years working with the orphanage in Grand Boulage.

    I am a convert and came into the Catholic Church in 1984 through the Passionists in Fairfield Alabama and continued most of my membership through St Paul of the Cross in Atlanta, Georgia where Father Jerome is now pastor, You may know Father Melvin Shorter.

    Please let me know how I can best be of assistance. I saw a news clip on CNN about a Dr. who had come to work there. Where is Dr. Gautier and the other physician whom you have been working with?

    My prayers are with you and the children of Haiti.

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